How To Paint A Two Story House

Painting a two-story building can be tricky but that’s what experts are here for! We teach you how to do the job more professionally and share guidelines to try and make tedious tasks easier. 

As soon as you have decided to get your two-story building painted by a professional, there are several things which you must keep track of. It includes choosing the right color which matches the color tone of the house, techniques used while painting, usage of the right paint, and so on. 

These things are meant to be taken care of by professionals who know how to do them carefully. We will share some tips to help make things easier.

To accomplish this task, you will require a ladder, which helps you reach every paintable area of the two-story building. You will be required to paint even the most minute of places -- so expect to encounter some tricky situations!

Today, in this blog, we will be exploring how to paint a two-story house effectively.

Let's get started!

The 8 things to remember while painting a two-story house:

1.  Place the ladders in the right direction and position

The positioning of a ladder matters a lot while painting. To paint a two-story building, you might need a ladder that is twenty feet tall so you can easily get to all parts of the building. Along with that make sure you choose a ladder that reaches three feet above the roof so that you can easily paint the roof as well, without any difficulties. Ladder stabilizers are another option that greatly helps with smooth painting. It ensures you have no difficulty while painting and keeps you balanced and stabilized throughout the process. These stabilizers are enough to hold your weight without you having to worry about wobbles and slips. 

Another point to note here is not to fold or reset the ladder every time you are through painting the small portions of the building. This is because it will take a lot of time to reframe the ladder -- which is not a feasible task. 

2.  Take off the older paint

It is obvious that you need to remove the older paint to apply the new one. If you do apply the new paint on top of the old one, it would make the paint messy after it dries and will not look good and as per your expectations. 

Yes, it takes time to remove all the old paint, but there are no other options besides this if you want to make the new paint-job look up to standard. So, try not to skip this step, and you’ll be in for a much neater and tidier look.

3.  Choose the paint wisely

All paints are not similar. They possess different characteristics so if you are looking for paint options for exterior buildings then you need to see which paints are best suited for outside environments, and vice versa for indoors.

There are many painting options to be considered like rollers, primers, latex, etc. Make sure you gather all the information you possibly can before buying the paint.

4.  Be extra careful

Well, as you get the two-story house painted, you may face several disruptions in between. These disruptions may be in the form of trees, telephone lines, birds, cable lines, and whatnot. If these hindrances are not carefully addressed, they can cause serious damage to you as well as destruction to your property. 

So, to protect yourself from these “threats”, it's better if you solve/remove them beforehand. Plan out how you will approach each of these obstacles before you begin painting. 

5.  If you’re hiring a team, split the painters into different areas

If you make use of the entire labor force in one area, it might lead to so-so work. This is because different hands are used to paint a single area which leads to messiness. Hence, ignore using the entire labor set in one area and consider splitting them into different sections. This will ensure beautiful work rapidly and happily.

In case you’re painting this on your own, or with the help of friends, follow the same principle.

6.  Do not skip the mistakes

Well, as soon as the work is finished, do not just move on. Instead, conduct a proper and thorough inspection of the job done. This is the time when you can get the “wrongly-done” work right. If you see any dirty handprints on the newly painted walls, or even smaller drips and spills, you can correct it all now at this stage. If you do not repair them right at this stage, you won't be able to make hide these flaws later on. So do it while it’s fresh!

7.  Do not rush

If you want some quality work to be done, have patience. Professionals know to take their time, and so should you! 

8.  Clean the brushes

Dirty brushes cause bad results. The brush, once used, must be washed every time you paint a new surface. This is because the paint gets stuck to the brushes and can transfer dirt and debris to other walls-- not to mention an uneven finish. This is the main thing you must do to ensure the best painting of your two-story house.

Painting isn’t an easy task and can be quite a tedious one, especially if you don’t follow the right processes and have to keep starting over. To ensure good painting, always make sure that you follow the above steps and ideas. We hope this blog on how to paint a two-story house was helpful.

Happy Painting!

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